Monday, August 9, 2010

Myleigh's Story

I'd like to share this recent story from one of the Lost Dogs of Wisconsin volunteers. This group was started a few short months ago for a couple of reasons. First - to assist heartbroken owners who are frantically searching for their dog. Second - to reduce shelter intake. If you look at the numbers of animals in a shelter that are "strays" it makes you appreciate the enormity of the problem. Proactive lost and found programs save lives.

Also, in Wisconsin, we have a very high number of puppy mill dogs that are adopted out. They are often very shy and are high flight risks. If they get lost it is a far different process than looking for the average family pet. I'm sure I say "Do Not Chase or Call" in my sleep sometimes.

As a side note, we also have a very large number of foster dogs, and rescue dogs that are getting lost in transport or at the transfer stations. With no point of reference or permanent home, the dogs get disoriented quickly. Often our volunteers will be the point person - because there is nobody in the immediate area to be the contact for the dog. 

Anyways, here's Jodi's (the volunteer) and Myleigh's (the dog) story.

Myleigh, the little miniature Aussie I have been helping search for in Edgerton was hit by a truck in the middle of the night. A kind lady called me at 6:00 a.m. and said she took her off the side of the road, another man called and said at 2:30 he took her out of the middle of the road. The lady was keeping her there until Susan and I could get there. She saw one of our signs and knew who to call. We took her to the owners who are here from Michigan to help look, called the rescue she was adopted from and took her to the vet to be cremated.

I will pick up the ashes and mail them to the owners. I had a moment and made myself cry; I just realized its the first dog I have seen since Benny that is dead. Made a poem, feel better, lets find the next one alive.     

I will look for you
Someone told me you are lost and out there on the roam
"She never has run off like that, I thought she would come home."

I am looking for you
I've got your picture, I'm showing folks, and asking them to call.
I ask them not to chase you, "She's scared and runs from all."

I am looking for you
Someone called the number! "Did you lose your dog?
I think I saw her on Main Street, I was just out for a jog."
I get the posters on Main St. I'm not far behind.
I look in woods and under decks, but you I cannot find.

I've been looking for you
Its been a while since we have heard. The town knows who you are. No one's called in days, but I know you can't be far.

Someone found you
My phone rang at 5 a.m. "I think I have your dog" Her voice quivered " I saw her lying in the road, I was just out for a jog."

I will come and get you
I finally see your sweet face, your fur I now can touch.
Its strange, this dog I've never met I care about so much.

JH 7/2010


  1. My Wife and I never knew that there were people like Jodi until Myleigh ran away and for two weeks she was right there by our side the whole time even kept on while we had to take a trip back to Detroit she remained on the lookout. I mean she was out there at 6:00 in the morning hoping to catch a glimpse of her. We owe her more than words can ever express. In fact we owe the whole community of Edgerton,Wisconsin and those who came from Iowa to help in our search. It was not the ending we wanted but it did give us closure. Even yet when I read the poem by Jodi my eyes water up and I get an aching in my heart for her. I pray she is happy now at least. Steve and Susan Hendricks

  2. I want to thank Jodie for all the help she gave my daughter and myself for helping us on My granddog search.I think the adoptive parents was not very forcoming to my daughter on keeping us updated but I am very happy to have met with Jodie in Wis.

  3. What a beautiful poem, Jodi. We all hope to find these babies alive, but if it happens that is not to be, it is good to at least find them and know.