Monday, August 2, 2010

No Crazies in Sight

I just got home from the No Kill conference in Washington, D.C. after an early morning flight. It was my first time at this conference although I try to be a regular attendee at as many of the other large animal welfare conferences as our budget affords.

In a previous life, I was the general manager of a small town newspaper in northern Alberta. I'm not sure why the publisher of this chain of weeklies would have chosen to promote an introverted, awkward, twenty-something woman with no previous management or journalism experience to oversee a staff of 25, but he did. His philosophy was that I was moldable - and one way he did this was to send me to every weekly newspaper conference that was available within a reasonable distance.  He told me that I would learn - not only from the cutting edge information presented, but from the camraderie of my peers. And I've never forgotten that lesson.

Sitting in the No Kill conference closing session yesterday, I looked around. Was I surrounded by the "crazies" that the mainstream humane movement likes to portray the No Kill followers as? Was I sitting in a room full of hoarders, warehousers, crazy cat ladies? Nope. Didn't see a one.

I saw professionally dressed, intelligent, thoughtful people from all walks of life. I had met lawyers and shelter directors, volunteers and vet techs, writers and engineers. But the one common thread binding us all together - a determination to go back to our communities and make the killing stop. It is 2010. It is time for it to stop. We have the brains and we have the willpower.

From the Facebook page of the No Kill Nation today:

Going forward- the No Kill Movement will be about Litigation & Legislation; forcing the nay sayers to be accountable to what WE will demand to be LAW and know that a NO KILL Nation will be achieved in our lifetime! There were several NEW faces present bringing a breath of fresh air to the movement; welcome to all!


  1. Speaking of legislation: How about raising cheers to Delaware's governor for signing in a Companion Animal Protection Act in late July that eliminates convenience killing of adoptable animals when empty cages are available? That requires shelters and pounds to work with rescues to save more animals? That requires stray animals be posted online?

  2. Thanks for the update and FB posts. Will look forward to learning more in your future blogs.

  3. Kathy,
    It was nice to meet you at the conference. I agree, there are a lot of smart, intelligent people determined to stop the travesty and insanity of shelter killing.

  4. Hi Kathy! Your Minnesota neighbor here - I just thought I'd let you know why you didn't see any of those "hoarders, warehousers, crazy cat ladies" - that's because I was entertaining them while you guys were all away at your weekend love-in!

    As one of those "crazy cat ladies" I can't take off for a weekend. I have rescues to care for and no staff to carry on for me.

    The 40 - 50 rescue groups here in Minnesota were quite busy this weekend. Life goes on for us here in the trenches. I think I can speak for all rescuers across the country by saying that I'd have loved to go but can't afford the cost or the time.

    Perhaps that's why none of us "hoarders, warehousers, and crazy cat ladies" weren't present. Hope that helps clear up that little quandry. Glad to help! :-)

    Tom The Crazy Cat Lady

  5. Too bad, Tom. I would have loved to have met you. I've been enjoying your articles and website.

  6. Anna, there was a lot of discussion and celebration regarding the Delaware legislation. It was a great victory and one that will hopefully be repeated in many more states.