Monday, August 23, 2010

Pluto's Story

Renee and Pluto - happily reunited!
From the Lost Dogs of Wisconsin files:

The following is a letter received from a woman named Renee,  shortly after we recovered her dog, Pluto.  She only had the dog a couple of days before it slipped out the door at her daughter's house. Her energy and determination to find her dog makes our work easy and makes it all worthwhile.
This is her story in her own words:

I was saddened to hear about my friend's health . She lives in Green Bay. I moved from Green Bay to Milwaukee and didn't see her for a long time. She lives next door to my daughter. I was visiting my daughter and she came over crying so hard. She had her adorable dog with her named Pluto. A little Lhaso with brown eyes who would melt your heart. She was telling me she had to move due to heath crippling her. She said "Would you do me the honor of taking my dog?"

She knew my dog passed away a few months earlier, and knew how I was missing her. I replied I would love to have Pluto. That was a Sunday.

I took him back to Milwaukee with us. I was worried about his adjustment so I stayed home with him till Tuesday when I had to go to the store. I took him to my other daughter's house so he wouldn't be alone while I was shopping. I wasn't gone 10 minutes and my 2 year old grandaughter opened the front door and out he went. All my grandchildren in the house went chasing him with all their friends. I was so scared. That was in Greendale. He didn't know that neighborhood.

It was like he vanished. No sight of him anywhere. One person said he went through his yard. So I perched myself on my daughter's porch and slept there. No sight of Pluto. It was so hot ....All these thoughts went through my head of him being hit by a car and whatever else could happen I was thinking it... I called all the authorities in the area. Then I called all the humane societies. Even MADACC(Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission).

This is when I talked to the most wonderful caring person in the world . Her name is Kathy P. She told me she was from Best Friends. Wow !!! Dogtown !!!!! She even knew John Garcia!!! My idol !!! I was in awe. So she came and talked to me. Took me to MADACC to see if he was there.  She told me that it will take time. Then the next day the Greenfield police called.  Someone sighted him in the woods. So we all went searching no luck.

Kathy sent someone from Lost Dogs of Wisconsin. It was Sunday. A couple came from a long ways in that heat and set a trap at the place he was seen. Her name is Kathie also. What beautiful people. I didn't even know them and they gave up their Sunday to help me. So there were a few more sightings. I did not leave those woods for days.

Kathy P came back on Monday. She went and bought a bigger trap and told me yelling his name will not matter. He was in a scared mode. She educated me on so many things. She made a map of all the sightings. How smart is that ! I would not give up . I saw deer and coyote and was even more frightened for my little Pluto. I just kept following Kathy's instructions . Hoping for results. It was Tuesday. I took a break for lunch and came back with a couple of pounds of leftover roast. I went back in the woods and laid down with a path of the roast leading to me. Being as quiet as possible. I heard the tall grass moving. Then all of a sudden a little white head pops out. Pluto !!! So I stayed laying down throwing some roast. You dont know how hard it was not to yell and scream. It seemed like an eternity when finally he came to me. It would have been a week on Wednesday.

A million mosquito bites later I had my baby in my arms !!! I called Kathy right away, she was so happy. She had to come and meet the little vanishing star. She was so happy that she took me to Petco and bought me tags for him and a new harness. Can you believe that... Someone I didn't even know cared that much. By now I loved this wonderful woman. Please everyone out there with a pet missing listen to the people with the experience and follow their advice and you will get the same happy results. Who would imagine that not calling your dogs name is the answer... Thanks to all that helped....You have great networks out there. Keep it up...Love Pluto and Renee


  1. Congrats to Renee ~ for all her love and determination to bring her Pluto home!! And, even though Kathy p. and I have never personally met YET ~ I agree with Renee...She is truly a loving, caring and amazing person..!!

  2. Wow, Renee certainly hung in there. What a wonderful, dedicated person to do what it took to find Pluto. I'm sure the week seemed like a year!! And congrats to Kathy P. and Kathie from Best Friends for a job well done!! Kathy Carter