Friday, October 22, 2010

A Shout Out to The Brew City Bully Club

Tomorrow, Saturday October 23 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day. (Did you know that pit bull is two words, not one? I always mess that up). There are events planned around the nation to bring awareness to the injustices heaped on this breed and similar breeds of dogs.

Here in Milwaukee, the Brew City Bully Club is  hosting Pitty Palooza 4 at the Frontier Airline Center. Immediately preceding it will be the Luv-A-Bully March where dog owners can walk their dogs (all breeds) to show support for the bully breeds.

Afterwards at the Frontier Airline Center there will be displays, vendors, and demonstrations. (Please leave your dogs at home for this portion).   The Brew City Bully Club is a group that I am proud to support.  They meet my criteria of a good organization by making efforts to reduce shelter intake.  The founders, Michelle and Jeremy Serocki, realized at the very beginning that they wanted to get to the root of the problem. And although pit bull rescues are wonderful and needed, Michelle and Jeremy had the foresight to see that becoming another pit bull rescue would quickly drain their resources and only serve as a bandaid for the problem.  They made the wise move to become a community awareness and educational group for bully breed owners.  Their mission is to rehabilitate the reputation of pit bulls while reducing fear in the community.

The Brew City Bully Club also started the End Dogfighting in Milwaukee program.  Their youth training team will be demonstrating some of their new skills with their dogs tomorrow.  Come out and show your support for these youth who are doing the right thing - enjoying their dogs and bonding with them.

Remember a pit bull is just a dog. Just like any other dog. They are all individuals and they deserve to be treated as such.  I hope to see you tomorrow!

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