Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's Your Agenda?

I help out with several organizations with a strong social media presence. They include Barn Cats Rock - a resource page for people who own and appreciate barn, outdoor and working cats; Lost Dogs of Wisconsin, a group of volunteers helping reunite owners and their lost dogs; and Wisconsin Voters for Companion Animals - a grassroots political advocacy group to encourage voters to participate in the lawmaking process and achieve better laws for companion animals.

I am often asked if I have a "hidden" No Kill agenda, because as most people know; I'm a pretty vocal No Kill Advocate. Well, I'm here to tell you - YES! Of course! It's kind of a silly question if you ask me.

I am seriously skeptical of animal welfare groups and shelters that don't have a No Kill agenda. If their goal isn't to eliminate the needless killing of shelter animals  in this country, then what is it? Makes me wonder....

I have only so many hours in a day and days in a week. I have no interest in participating in anything that isn't working towards No Kill.

That's my agenda. What's yours?


  1. If its a hidden agenda, you need to do a better job of hiding it!

  2. Exactly! I would answer "No, my No-Kill agenda is right out in the open!"