Monday, April 16, 2012

Update to Annie's Story

Almost a year ago I posted a blog called "Annie's Story - and how it has exposed a flaw in our Wisconsin shelter system." I had pointed out that the four county shelters that were closest to where Annie had gone missing  did not post pictures of impounded dogs on line. Shelter management expected Annie's owner to make the 100 mile plus roundtrip several times a week to visit the shelter in person.  This is a huge waste of gasoline, time and money. It also doesn't make the shelter look very good. Most people are appalled when they learn  that some shelters are neglecting this simple way to save lives.

Those four county shelters are HAWS (Waukesha County); Lakeland Animal Shelter (Walworth County); Humane Society of Jefferson County and Countryside Humane Society (Racine County).

I am happy to announce that Countryside Humane Society in Racine County has done a 180 degree about face and is now actively pursuing getting lost dogs and cats back home. They are sharing our Lost Dogs of Wisconsin flyers, posting our tips, and posting pictures of the dogs and cats that have been impounded as "strays" on their Facebook page. When I counted the reclaim pictures today, it appears that 82 impounded animals have been reclaimed so far.

A huge thank you to Countryside Humane Society staff and volunteers for realizing that most shelter pets don't want a new home. They just want to go home. You are saving lives.

Does your local shelter post pictures of impounded animals on line? If not, why not? Why don't you ask?

Progress always involves risks. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first. - Frederick B. Wilcox


  1. I'm Annie's mom. I miss her every single day. I guess the worst is not knowing what happened to her. We will probably never know, but if her disappearance IN ANY WAY moved a shelter to be more responsive to the plight of lost animals...then I thank God for that. Annie will always be in my heart, she was so very special. Thanks for acknowledging her Kathy.

  2. I am sorry you haven't found Annie yet, but I want you to know that I haven't forgotten about her and continue to watch for her. Judy