Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm Still Here!

If you haven't seen a blog from me here for a few weeks it's because I've been busy writing website articles for Lost Dogs Illinois and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin. What we have noticed in our couple of years of operation is that there isn't much good information on the web on step-by-step procedures of how to find a lost dog. Plus, there is a boatload of bad info out there. There are lots of social media sites popping up (great news!), but the real key is to help owners find their dog, not to just be another posting service. So we are trying to fill that void to help get more lost dogs home and free up shelter space for those dogs that truly need it.

We have had well over 3000 reunions so far, since we started. It's been a wild ride and I want to thank all of our volunteers and Facebook fans that are making it happen.

I'm going to share a few of those lost dog articles here because I think "return to owner" is a really important piece of the puzzle in the No Kill Equation.

I've also been working on a new Wisconsin Voters for Companion Animals website. I'm technologically- challenged, so it has been a big learning curve, but it is finally becoming what we had ultimately hoped for; an easy, fast place for Wisconsin animal lovers to access information that will help them at election time. Some people don't like the title of of our organization and thought it should be Wisconsin Voters for Shelter Directors, but sorry, no. We are going to advocate for companion animals and we would love for them to join us in our mission. Wouldn't you think we'd all want the same thing?

What else keeps me busy?

A couple of new Facebook pages:

No Kill Wisconsin that has been kindly started by No Kill Revolution, the national organization.

Barn Cats Rock, a Facebook page that advocates for barn, working and outside cats - a population of cats that is still under served by Wisconsin shelters (most shelters don't adopt out outside cats)

Participation in a new organization that will advocate for seized dogs in Milwaukee (lots more on that to come). The Facebook page is Save Milwaukee's Court Case Dogs.

The No Kill Conference in Washington, D.C. was amazing as always and has provided me with lots of new blogging material.  I'm looking forward to participating on a panel of speakers at the Best Friends No More Homeless Pets conference in Las Vegas in October.

And in my free time, I've been enjoying the usual: horses, hiking with our dogs and gardening - my three favorite things!

So for those of you that were hoping I had disappeared like a bad cold,  too bad, so sad, I'm not going away anytime soon. Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Love your posts and can't wait to hear more about your experience at the No Kill Conference! Thank you for all you do.