Saturday, November 24, 2012

MADACC Statistics - October 2012 and year to Date

Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control (MADACC) has killed 4655 animals this year through October 31, 2012. (This does not include those that died in their kennel, were dead on arrival, or were owner-requested euthanasia). 
Eight birds, 3078 cats, 1519 dogs, and 52 other animals died at MADACC.  The charts below show comparisons from last year to this year and also the breakdown of the October statistics.  As you can see, in October alone, MADACC killed 517 animals. Summer months are generally the busiest months for animal control, intake numbers usually decrease in the fall. 

Some improvement has been shown over last October but other cities in America are doing much better while Milwaukee is lagging behind.  Cities such as Reno, Austin, San Antonio, Jacksonville, Salt Lake City and Kansas City, Missouri are improving their animal control programs and saving lives. 

The key to solving the problem is knowing that there is a problem. If you did not know that MADACC had such a high death rate for animals in Milwaukee County please share this blog post with your friends and neighbors.   If you are a resident of Milwaukee County please contact your local alderman to express your displeasure. Milwaukee County animal control is funded by your tax dollars. 

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