Sunday, June 29, 2014

Grasping at Straws

As America steadily makes strides towards a No Kill Nation, the defenders of shelter killing are making last-ditch attempts to maintain their positions. But it is a death roll for the dinosaurs. They will soon all be gone, and this last attempt to appear relevant is ludicrous.

Recently we had a  hoarding situation in Caledonia, Racine County.  Orphaned Kanines was housing dozens of animals in horrendous conditions.  The animals have since been seized and most have been adopted to new homes thanks to the Wisconsin Humane Society and the local officials that reported the situation.  There were many cracks in the system that led to these conditions.  More on that later.  You can read the whole story at this link.

The business model used by Orphaned Kanines was NOT No Kill sheltering. But the dinosaurs would like the public to believe it is. Then they can point their fingers and say "look at how awful No Kill shelters are. They hoard and warehouse animals."

So just as a quick refresher: Here are two resources for you to read and share when you see the dinosaurs and internet trolls attempt to discredit No Kill sheltering.

A short video from the KC Pet Project in Kansas City,  Missouri that shows a large municipal No Kill shelter in action.

And a really good article from Christie Keith on the subject:
"Hoarding" and "warehousing arise from traditional, not no-kill, shelter models.

He who refuses to learn deserves extinction.  -Rabbi Hillel

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