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Milwaukee Court Case Dogs Held Three Years in Captivity

Sally, seized on 6-10-2011 by the Milwaukee Police Department. She has been housed at Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Commission (MADACC) ever since.

June 11, 2014 marks the third year "anniversary" of the impoundment of many of  Milwaukee's Court Case dogs. These six dogs were seized from an alleged dog fighter in June 2011. This particular case will go before the courts in October 2014.

This Youtube video posted by WISN 12 News from March 2013, is a sad reminder of how little progress has been made in the last year. Court Case dogs are double victims of cruelty. Once at the hands of their owners, and then once at the hands of the system, a system who has locked them up and thrown away the key.

David Mangold, a Milwaukee citizen and creator of  the Save Milwaukee's Court Case Dogs Facebook page,   has advocated tirelessly for these dogs for the past three years. When I asked him his thoughts on the situation, these were his comments:

What role do you think that media and politics has played in the plight of the Court Case Dogs?
Milwaukee itself has a unique problem with the Court Case Dogs.  The media in this city is absolutely ignoring this situation.  To me they are a big part of the problem.  If the media won't report on this situation, then the politicians have no political will to do anything about it.  In fact, they are complicit together.  I've been to several meetings over the years where the City Attorney is extremely reluctant to change the status quo (that is, to hold a seizure hearing).  Combine this with a do-nothing Mayor, and the situation is grave.  Until something changes (ie. a new Mayor or leadership upheaval at the Journal-Sentinel), the situation will continue to be as we see it now.

What role does MADACC play and how can they prevent this from happening again?
I've been inquiring with MADACC about their contract with the city.  I've asked them to either eliminate the part of their contract with Milwaukee requiring them to take in fight case dogs, or to go big and get a separate facility to house and care for these victims of cruelty properly.  Now they're holding over 40 fight case dogs and we're going into the busy season of summer.  Forty dogs fills 30% of MADACC's capacity right off the bat.  So they will surely be having problems with space, leading to potentially more shelter deaths in their 140 dog facility.

How do you feel on this third anniversary?
After three years of captivity, the question of whether any of these dogs can be saved is growing. As so much time in captivity goes by, they can become very stressed and rightly so.  The time it has taken to carry these dogs through to trial is a big part of the problem.  Pennsylvania has solved this problem with their Act 50, the Cost of Care of Seized Animals Act.  Wisconsin should do the same.

So as the third year comes and goes, you have to wonder. Where will be next year at this time? And more importantly, where will the Court Case dogs be?

You can help.  Please call or write to your City of Milwaukee alderman, or your elected officials in any of the other municipalities of  Milwaukee County.  Please contact any connections that you have in the local media and ask them to cover the story. Your tax dollars fund MADACC. And your tax dollars also fund the drugs that will be used to kill dogs at MADACC who need the space occupied by the Court Case dogs.

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