Monday, July 28, 2014

Milwaukee Animal Alliance Encourages Residents to "Adopt Local"

Last December I wrote a blog about the practice of out of state transports, importing dogs (and sometimes even cats) from other states while local animals die. It continues to be a hot topic, with opinions on both sides of the aisle.

Milwaukee Animal Alliance, a grassroots organization dedicated to animal welfare,  has created a fun, positive approach to encourage people to "Adopt Local" by supporting those shelters and rescues that source at least 75% of their animals from Wisconsin.

"The "local" movement encourages people to shop and dine at local businesses," said Kelly Herbold, MAA spokesperson.  "Through this campaign, we also want to encourage Wisconsin residents to adopt local.

Milwaukee Animal Alliance supports Wisconsin shelters and rescues that address the needs of local animals," said Herbold.  "Wisconsin has wonderful pets right here that need homes, and we believe the shelters and rescues we highlight are making the best use of time, money and resources to help these amazing, local animals."

The following local personalities pose with Wisconsin rescue pets in a series of ads designed to encourage the public to "Adopt Local".  Check out Milwaukee Animal Alliance on Facebook
 and their website!

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