Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sticks and Stones

Last week in a Facebook thread I was accused by a Wisconsin shelter director of "shelter bashing" and telling people not to support shelters. Hmmm. I read back through all my posts and I can't seem to find that anywhere. In fact, in several posts I have said that No Kill Advocates WANT their local shelters to succeed. I'll reiterate - well- functioning shelters are an asset to the community and its animals. And I wrote a very positive post about why people should go to their local shelter. The problem is that many shelters are still doing "fuzzy math" or not embracing all eleven steps of the No Kill Equation. Animals are slipping through the cracks - usually the feral and shy cats and the pit bull type dogs, which deserve just as much a chance at life as the cute, fuzzy ones.

There is a new radio advertisement that plays almost every day for a wealth management company in Milwaukee. I have heard it several times. It is a short question and answer interview with a wealth management advisor. She is answering questions about how an individual can discern which is a good non-profit to donate to and which ones they should be cautious about. I'm sure the advisor is not concerned about incurring the wrath of a non-profit. She is educating the public about how they can be informed consumers and wise managers of their hard-earned money.

Just as she is not writing her ads to please the non-profits, I am not writing to please shelter directors. I am writing to educate the public on a topic that has been very rarely spoken about in Wisconsin in the past. And apparently this information is appreciated, because I receive far more compliments than complaints.

The radio ad stresses transparency and how important it is for a donor be able to clearly understand what their donation is being used for. Then they can decide if it is an organization they wish to support or not.

Sound familiar? She took the words right out of my mouth. When shelter directors and boards of directors stop defending the killing, blaming the public, and become transparent with their statistics and financials, I'll stop blogging about it. Until then, I'm here to stay.

The greatest oak was once a little nut that held it's ground.
 - Author Unknown


  1. Thank you for continuing to speak the truth, Kathy. I am especially grateful for your advocacy on behalf of feral cats and pit bulls. As you point out, these animals are still falling through the cracks, even in shelters claiming no kill status. We need to keep speaking up for those animals as long as they are being denied the same consideration as more "adoptable" animals.