Friday, August 31, 2012

Comparing Milwaukee County Animal Control to Other Cities

Many people still say that No Kill animal sheltering is impossible but the facts are proving them wrong. No Kill animal sheltering is described as saving 90% or better of all incoming animals.  This leaves a very generous 10% allowance for those animals that are hopelessly suffering or dangerously aggressive.

The table below shows two other major metropolitan areas in America that have attained a 90 % or better save rate. There are currently over 50 No Kill communities in the United States. You can see where they are by clicking here.

They have done it by implementing all eleven steps of the No Kill Equation.  No Kill animal sheltering is more cost effective and more publicly acceptable than the traditional "catch and kIll" model of animal sheltering that Milwaukee currently embraces.

The 2012 year to date statistics for Milwaukee are not showing much improvement over 2011. You can view them by clicking here.

The greatest risk to companion animals in Milwaukee is that they will enter Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission and be killed. The board of directors is failing to make life-saving changes to procedures and programs to save the lives of animals in Milwaukee County.
MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin

County Population 952,532
City Population 597,867

Animal Intake (2011)
Dogs: 5378
Cats: 6943

Save rate:
Dogs: 64%

Average Save Rate: 51.5%
RENO, Nevada

County Population 425,710
City Population 227,511

Animal Intake (2011)
Dogs: 6977
Cats: 4103

Save rate:
Dogs: 91%
Cats: 91%

Average Save Rate: 91%


County Population 1,026,158
City Population 820,611

Animal Intake (2011)
Dogs: 9688
Cats:  5391

Save Rate:
Dogs: 91%

Average Save Rate: 91%

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