Thursday, August 30, 2012

Milwaukee Animal Control (MADACC) Statistics Year to Date

Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control  (MADACC) has killed 2833 animals so far this year. (This does not include those that died in their kennel, were dead on arrival, or were owner-requested euthanasia).  

Four birds, 1713 cats, 1069 dogs and 47 other animals died at MADACC.  The charts below show comparisons from last year to this year and also the breakdown of the July statistics. As you can see, in July 2012 alone, MADACC killed 499 cats and 205 dogs. 

The key to solving the problem is knowing that there is a problem. If you did not know that MADACC had such a high death rate for animals in Milwaukee County please share this blog post with your friends and neighbors.

The greatest risk to companion animals in America is not puppy mills, or dog fighting, or cruelty, or cancer. The greatest risk to companion animals in America is that they will die in an animal shelter.


  1. Would it help to let the area television reporters & Milwaukee Journal know about these statistics? Maybe they would do an "expose".

    1. The problem is, MADACC thinks they are doing well because the kill rate went from 46.1% to 40.6%. Why is it "doing well" if over 40% of the animals that go into the shelter never come out alive?

  2. My dog recently died Nov.27.15 in their "care" how can we go about taking legal action?

  3. My dog recently was killed while under their "care" how can I seek legal action?

  4. Cornelius, can you email me privately at ? Thanks.