Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Comments and such

Just a quick response to somebody who commented in my blog's comment section last week. She said "my comment is too long to post here" and then posted a link to a blog written at another site. First of all, I welcome all comments, positive and negative. I definitely prefer a real name (this one had a screen name). My personal opinion is that if your viewpoint is valid enough to write, then you should be willing to use your real name. I don't always respond to comments although I will try to answer honest questions. I'm not really a "last word" type of person. I've said my piece in my blog - and others are welcome to say theirs. But - if your comment is too long, then shorten it up.

The heading on my blog states my mission - "Working towards no more homeless pets in Wisconsin through progressive animal welfare practices...". If you want to write a blog on regressive animal welfare practices, then that's your perogative. Knock yourself out. It's a free country and that's one of the privileges of being a citizen of this great nation.

So blog away. But don't expect to use my blog as a platform to launch your blog. I'm trying to educate people on newer,  progressive animal welfare methods, stuff that normally hasn't been practiced or promoted in Wisconsin, other than by a few brave souls. If you want to dwell on the old 'catch and kill methods' and restrictive adoption policies that have failed animals in the past then you'll have to find your own audience. I've worked hard to build my following and reputation and you can do the same.
My blog - my delete key.


  1. EXCELLENT! It never ceases to amaze me how those who claim to be working for the same thing (saving animal lives) can get in the way of moving forward. Ugh. The words of Julie Castle at the NMHP conference in October continually resonate.

  2. You are such a leader in our community - for both our animals and those of us who want progressive animal welfare. Together, our voices are growing stronger! Keep up the FANTASTIC work! We support you!